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Professional | Clinical Assessment

Supervision is a dynamic experience that constantly promotes the development of a therapist in the field of helping professions. It enables the professional to keep up the quality of their work with their clients, and also

to reduce the possibility of burnout periods in the therapist. Consequently, supervision forms the pillar

of good and consistent therapeutic delivery of services to the public.

Supervision has three main purposes:

To enhance the clinical skills of the therapist
To ensure quality service to the clients
To provide an avenue of mentorship

Therefore, as a professional in the helping field, it is vital to be continually supervised despite the level of competency, and this arrangement can be made between the therapist and the supervisor.

Supervision can be carried out both on an individual or group level.

We adopt the solution-focused and choice theory/reality therapy in supervision and worked with students

from various psychology/counselling programmes. Eugene received supervision training from

the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) as a registered supervisor. 

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