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Couple Counselling

Seeding Minds focuses on the difficulties manifesting in the relationship. However, each partner may, and usually does, have a different perception to the other. This is where an objective person, such as a psychologist becomes invaluable in assisting the couple to journey through this difficult season. The psychologist will help the couple identify the areas of conflict within the relationship, what changes are required in the relationship, and from the respective partners for a fulfilling relationship. 

There are many reasons why couples enter in couples counselling which may include the following:


















1) Communication or support issues between partners may remain unresolved for too long, putting overwhelmeing stress on the relationship

2) Other reasons for conflict that have arisen which can include poor problem solving skills in one or both of the partners

3) Spending inadequate intimate time together; different expectations about the level of support available from the other partner

4) Individuals in the relationship feeling "stuck" in that nothing ever gets resolved and/or the same difficulties keeping coming up time and again

5) When there are constant arguments between partners or spouses over significant and insignificant matters

6) When parents disagree about important issues such as parenting

7) Addictions (alcohol, substance abuse, anorexia and bulimia, sex addiction and gambling)

8) Infidelity

9) Sexual difficulties in the relationship

To ensure a more evidence-based approach, we would recommend the couple to take the Prepare/Enrich or the T-JTA psychometric instrument. This assessment will allow the couple to work through the issues more systematically.

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